"Horses are walking couches with anxiety"
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Autor:  Falko [ 8. März 2020, 22:19 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  "Horses are walking couches with anxiety"

Ich habe eben das hier auf Tumblr gefunden und so herzlich gelacht, dass ich es direkt teilen muss :alol:

https://solarishashernoseinabook.tumblr ... esiasaurus

Horses also have their eyes positioned on the sides of their heads, which gives them an incredible range of peripheral vision almost around their entire body with only a few blind spots you can sneak up on them in. But this comes at the cost of binocular vision; they can only judge distance for things straight ahead of them. Super useful for preventing predators sneaking up from the sides or behind, but useless for recognizing familiar shapes with the precision we can.

Basically we now have a walking couch with anxiety its going to get attacked at any second, that can see almost everything, but mostly only out of the corner of its eye. It has a few blind spots and anything that suddenly appears out of them is terrifying to it. Combine that with that it actually has far superior low-light vision than us, and that its ears can swivel in any directions like radar dishes, and you’ve basically given a nervous wreck a highly accurate but imprecise danger-dar.

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